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Nutrient Management Planning


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Conservation Activity Plan – Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (NRCS CAP-CNMP)

A Conservation Activity Plan – Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CAP-CNMP) is a conservation plan for animal feeding operations (AFO) that evaluates the animal production area and the land application area for resource concerns based on NRCS quality criteria for water quality and soil erosion. If resource concerns are identified with the animal confinement area, feed and other raw storage areas, animal mortality management, and manure handling containment or storage areas and the land application area that manure or process wastewater is, or might be, applied for crop, hay, and pasture production, practices that meet the NRCS criteria can be proposed in the plan to mitigate the resource concerns. These practices may be eligible for NRCS financial assistance to implement through the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP). NRCS does provide financial assistance for animal feeding operations to obtain a CAP-CNMP. Maurer-Stutz, Inc. is a Certified Technical Service Provider (TSP) and can assist you in completing the plan. Technical Review of a CNMP is required by NRCS to be completed in order to qualify for financial assistance to implement the CNMP through EQIP.

Nutrient Management Plans 

If your facility meets regulatory requirements that a nutrient management plan should be developed, we can prepare a plan for your facility that will meet the federal and state requirements.  A nutrient management plan details the waste storage system, feed storage areas, mortality management, and land application fields.  This plan should be updated if any changes occur to your facility.  Please contact us if you need a Nutrient Management Plan or update to an existing plan if changes have occurred on your facility.