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Geographic Information Systems Projects


Our GIS department handles many assorted projects from a wide array of client types.  Here is a sampling of some of the types of projects that have been completed recently.


Tornado Roadway Recovery / Washington, Illinois  

The City of Washington endured a devastating tornado in the fall of 2013 that destroyed a total of 633 homes, 7 businesses, 7 apartment buildings, and 2,500 vehicles.  Along with this devastation, came a lot of damage to public infrastructure including roadway items such as streets, curbs and sidewalks.

The City of Washington received an emergency grant, totaling six million dollars, from the State of Illinois to help with the roadway restoration effort.  Maurer-Stutz utilized a GIS database to manage damage assessments  and to develop construction documents for the restoration efforts.  The data generated by the project was also made available on the City's website through an interactive map to engage citizen participation with the project and to inform the public on the limits of the restoration.


Long term COntrol Plan / Canton, Illinois

The City of Canton was required to  update of their Long Term Control Plan as requested by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.  As part of the update, all wastewater collection facilities including structures and sanitary, combined, and storm sewers of various sizes and material types were to be inspected and documented as part of the system characterization component of the plan.   The work was recorded into a GIS database so that it may be used and maintained in the future.

Overall, the project consisted of the inspection of over 3,200 manholes and over 7,800 pipe connections within the sanitary sewer network.  Thirty-four pieces of hydraulic monitoring equipment including flow meters, level monitors, and rain gauges were installed, maintained, and monitored for nearly two years.  As a result of this project, the City now has a well developed mapping system for their sanitary sewer system.


Sewer system Characterization / Creve Coeur, Illinois

The Village of Creve Coeur began an exhaustive sanitary sewer system characterization effort as requested by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. As part of the update, all wastewater collection facilities including structures and sanitary sewers of various sizes and material types were to be inspected and documented as part of the system characterization component of the plan.

The project consisted of the field inspection of manholes and other collection system structures. The project also included the topographic survey of all of these items.  All field data that was gathered was entered into a GIS system for quality control and for easier delivery and integration of the data to the owner which reduced overall cost.  Comprehensive video inspection coordination and review was also conducted with all results being made a part of the Village’s nascent GIS database.


Tif District Creation / Farmington, Illinois

We assisted the City of Farmington and  the Economic Development Group with the creation of a new TIF District.  Parcel data from Fulton County was used to help establish boundaries of the proposed TIF District and develop a legal description and property list for filing.

Tax codes for the parcels were also used to verify the current municipal limits during the TIF District creation process.  The City now has a parcel base layer for their GIS system as a result of this project.


Sales Territory Analysis - Maui Jim / United States and the caribbean 

Maui Jim needed help in visualizing their sales territories through the United States and the Caribbean.  Their primary goal was to review existing sales territories and the locations of their Account Executives within these territories.

Maurer-Stutz developed several online maps for Maui Jim to use to help with their review process.  All retail locations were mapped for this area using geocoding and sales were represented by dynamic symbology for both product type and sales volume.

We added additional demographic layers such as median household income, disposable income, and population growth to help inform their decisions on territory boundaries.


Comprehensive Plan and ZOning / Elmwood, Illinois

The City of Elmwood desired to change their own zoning process.  Previously, Peoria County administered the City's zoning and land use plans as part of the overall County plans.  However, the City of Elmwood wished to have control over their own zoning.  This desire resulted in the adoption of a newly revised land use plan for the City and to bring in the existing County zoning .

The use of GIS in this process streamlined the editing and review of proposed changes to the land use plan, and helped verify that existing zoning classifications were consistent with current land use.   The City now has a fully functioning parcel database that contains all zoning and land use information within their jurisdictional limits.