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Our structural department handles a wide array of projects from various market sectors.  The following projects show the range of work that we perform for our clients.


Illinois Route 82 Bridge Over the Hennepin Canal / Geneseo, Illinois

The Illinois Department of Transportation, District 2, retained Maurer-Stutz, Inc., to design a replacement structure for the bridge carrying IL 82 north of Geneseo over the Hennepin Canal.  The existing three-span bridge was deteriorating and IDOT had determined that it needed to be replaced.  Services included a complete hydraulic design, a Structure Geotechnical Report; Type, Size, and Location Study; and Final Plans.  Since the Historic Hennepin Canal is a State Park, close coordination with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources was a major part of the design process.  It was desired that the new bridge accommodate a bicycle path.

Close coordination and cooperation between Maurer-Stutz, Inc., the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources resulted in a design of a replacement structure for this special site which will satisfy all of the stakeholders in this project.  Maurer-Stutz, Inc., also completed a comprehensive Life-Cycle Cost Analysis to determine the optimal structure type for this location.


Oak Hill Cemetery Retaining Wall / Lewistown, Illinois 

The City of Lewistown retained Maurer-Stutz, Inc. to undertake Phase II design services for a replacement retaining wall at the historic Oak Hill Cemetery in Lewistown.  The existing brick wall was in poor condition and large sections of the wall had failed.  The existing brick sidewalk in front of the wall was not ADA compliant.

This project won two awards for outstanding achievement for the unique type of wall for the situation.   The wall design enabled construction without interference from the overhead electric lines and without need for the displacement of graves or markers in this historic cemetery. 


Illinois Central College – North Campus Student Center / Peoria, Illinois  

Illinois Central College’s North Campus has been growing at an exponential rate.  The college is on the site of an old abandoned mental health campus with multiple buildings connected by very long corridors.  Therefore, a centrally located facility serving as the “main artery” of the campus was very much needed.

By far the most challenging portions of this project were the strict and time sensitive phasing of the demolition of the existing buildings, relocating existing utilities and also building over and existing lower level and tunnel system.  The Structural Engineer utilized precast planks over the existing lower level and proposed utility tunnels to minimize construction time.  The entire structure is comprised of almost every type of structural building material including cast-in-place concrete, precast wall panels, masonry walls, structural steel and cold-formed structural steel.


Winpak Heat Seal - New Industrial Facility / Pekin, Illinois

Maurer-Stutz, Inc. served as the prime engineering consultant, working with the Construction Manager, Mangieri Companies, Inc., to provide civil and structural engineering design phase services for a 75,000 square foot building to replace Winpak’s previous facility located in Peoria’s industrial district.  The new facility was designed to provide a more efficient operation by keeping all processes on one level and providing ample vertical space for the installation and maintenance of equipment.

Structural services for the facility involved the design of rigid steel frames to support the upper roof over 57,000 square feet of factory and warehouse space.  A lower structure around two sides of the building housed employee facilities, business offices, and space for additional facility operations.  The exterior of the building consisted of precast concrete wall panels for aesthetic appeal on the two sides facing the main entrance; concrete masonry walls were utilized around the other sides of the industrial space for reasons of flexibility for expansion.


GEM Terrace Slope Stabilization / East Peoria, Illinois

Maurer-Stutz assisted the developer of the GEM Terrace facility with a slope stabilization and beautification project that occurred at the same time as an adjacent Interstate improvement was being planned, designed, and constructed.  The slope to be protected and aesthetically enhanced was actually on State of Illinois right-of-way and the developer offered to pay for the improvements.

There was extensive coordination between the developer, the Illinois Department of Transportation, the City of East Peoria, and a local park district to find a solution that was mutually acceptable and beneficial to all parties.  The design included drainage analysis, vegetative cover and tree species investigations, and construction phasing.


Heritage Bank and Heritage Square New Commercial Building / Peoria Heights, Illinois

Maurer-Stutz, Inc. served as the structural consultant, working with the Architect, Larry Paustian, to design the multi-story outdoor mall building centered around a landscaped courtyard.  The designed space was approximately three floors plus approximately 6,000 square feet in an attached bank building.

Differences in the exterior grade across the site required portions of the first story to be constructed with foundation walls along one side to retain the soil, with at-grade entrances directly to the second floor.  The building was designed with two wings, connected by an elevated walk and clock tower over the east entrance to the courtyard.  Structural systems designed by Maurer-Stutz included wood roof trusses, light frame shear walls, precast floor panels, masonry walls, and poured concrete foundation walls.


New Clubhouse Building - Metamora Fields / Metamora, Illinois

Maurer-Stutz, Inc. served as the structural consultant to the Contractor, Noah Herman Sons, Builders, for the construction of the clubhouse for the new Golf Course outside Metamora.  The new structure provided 22,800 square feet of space on three floors (including basement) to serve as the clubhouse for the golf course and as a banquet facility.  

Structural services provided by Maurer-Stutz included the design and detailing of the steel support structure for the wood floor trusses, the wood and steel deck structure outside the first floor, and the cantilevered deck off the second floor banquet hall.  All floor structures including the decks were designed for 125 pounds per square foot assembly load to accommodate large gatherings.  A free-standing porte-cochere was also designed for the main entrance to the building.


New Dealership and Service Center - Infiniti of Omaha - Elkhorn, Nebraska

Maurer-Stutz, Inc. served as the prime engineering consultant, working with the General Contractor, King & Associates, to provide structural engineering design phase services for the construction of a new Infiniti dealership outside Omaha, NE.  The conceptual design followed corporate guidelines for the aesthetic appearance including the angled storefront glazing systems around the showroom.

Structural services for this building included the design of the steel floor and roof framing systems for the showroom and attached two stories of offices.  Concrete masonry walls extended around the service and parts areas of the building, and open-web steel bar joists spanned up to 75 feet over the service bays.  Lateral force resisting systems include rigid steel frames, metal stud shear walls, and the masonry walls.

Maurer-Stutz also coordinated with the Owner and Contractor to prepare a floor plan that met the requirements of the applicable building codes while providing a facility that served the needs of the Client.  


Peoria Country Club Pool Area Slope Stabilization / Peoria, Illinois

The Country Club of Peoria experienced a relatively large slope failure in the steep slope adjacent to their elevated swimming pool. The failure was close enough to the pool that the spread footings were almost exposed; the steep soil scarp adjacent to the soil supporting the pool spread footings threatened the stability of the pool structure. Site visits determined that the failure was caused by poor drainage conditions on the steep slope.

Soil borings were taken to establish the strength of the underlying soil and to determine the best course of action for repairing the slope.  Maurer-Stutz, Inc. worked with the Country Club to determine the most cost effective solution, and a design-build for a soldier beam and lagging retaining wall with tie-backs was chosen. A topographic survey of the site was taken to determine where the retaining wall and new drainage system would be placed.

The pool structure and slope were monitored over the course of the project to ensure the safety of the public using the pool until the retaining wall construction was completed.