Transportation / Construction


Ash Street Improvements / Canton, ILLINOIS

This project was built in 5 phases with the first 3 phases being completed to date.  This roadway is a major thoroughfare which serves residences, businesses, two schools and an elderly and children care facility.  

Phase III construction engineering was provided for these federally funded contracts that required full IDOT documentation with ICORS and materials certifications.  Roadway improvements consisted of HMA milling, overlays on the west end, full pavement removal, and reconstruction on the east end. Also included was curb and gutter replacement, new sidewalk in some areas along with sidewalk upgrades to current ADA/PROWAG standards, storm sewer upgrades, and geometric improvements at intersections.

3rd Avenue and Maple Street Improvements / Canton, illinois

We were retained by the City of Canton to undertake Survey, Design and Construction Phase Services for the extension of 3rd Avenue and Maple Streets in Canton, Illinois.  The roadways were constructed on a former Brownfield site to provide an engineered barrier and access to future developments.

Both roadways were built on an abandoned heavy industrial site in conjunction with new industrial development.  The project consisted of 2,000 linear feet of new concrete roadway including curb and gutter, entrances, and sidewalk.   New utilities included storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main, and street lighting.  Additionally, the project incorporated 400’ of reconstruction of existing roadway and the installation of a centrally located underground stormwater detention system.

Construction engineering included NPDES permit coordination and storm event inspections, shop drawing reviews, construction layout, observation of all construction, field testing of materials, documentation of all quantities and coordination of all material certifications.  Tasks also included coordination and tracking of all submittals and reports required on these types of projects with the various and diverse types of funding and their associated requirements. 

Centennial Drive Reconstruction / East Peoria, ILLINOIS

This project included a Phase I Study, Phase II Design, and Phase III Construction Engineering services for the federally (STU) and local funded reconstruction of Centennial Drive from Highview Road to Spring Creek Road in northern Tazewell County.

This project consisted of 3.5 miles of reconstruction of a former two-lane rural township road.  The narrow (18’ wide) outdated road was replaced with a modern, two-lane urban section with curb and gutter and storm sewer, several major culvert crossings were rehabilitated and extended to accommodate the wider roadway.  

We also provided all Phase III Resident Engineering services including full IDOT documentation with ICORS and material certifications.  Construction observation included a public informational meeting to introduce key staffers, NPDES permit coordination, storm sewers, box culverts, soldier pile retaining walls, utility relocation coordination, unsuitable material removal and replacement, aggregate base course, full depth HMA pavement and combination concrete curb and gutter.

Rock Island Greenway Knoxville Crossing / Peoria, Illinois

The Peoria Park District teamed with us to provide Planning, Design and Construction Administration services for the Knoxville Crossing portion of the Rock Island Greenway Recreational trail in Peoria.

Phase III work included shop drawing reviews, traffic control inspection and road closure coordination, utility coordination, verification of construction layout, coordination of progress meetings, press releases, project diary, quantity documentation, IDOT style ICORS Documentation with monthly pay estimates. with Material Certifications.

Our Phase III work also included field testing of construction materials along with coordination and tracking of all required materials certifications.


We performed Phase II structural engineering design and Phase III construction engineering services for a new connector road and structure on Wilhelm Road spanning a tributary to Kickapoo Creek.

Rapid growth in this area of Peoria created the need for an interconnected roadway network. The Wilhelm Road connector contributes significantly to the mobility through the area. 

The new structure consists of three spans, measures 54’ wide across the deck (including a multi-use path), and 149’ back to back of abutments.  Geotechnical design included a sand drainage blanket design to alleviate pore pressure concerns during embankment construction.

Roadway improvements consist of new guardrail, concrete approach slabs, HMA paving, curb and gutter installation, seeding, pavement markings, and multi-use path.

Carroll Street Reconstruction / Macomb, Illinois

This project included the planning, design and construction engineering for the reconstruction of an 8 block urban section of Carroll Street utilizing local funding.

We also provided all Phase III Resident Engineering services.  Construction phase services also included an informational meeting and then follow-up with close coordination with all affected residents as the project progressed. 

Phase III work observed and coordinated included sanitary and storm sewer videotaping, storm sewer construction, patching, cold milling, concrete paving, contraction joint layout, striping and ADA/PROWAG sidewalk ramp construction.

Summit Drive Extension / East Peoria, Illinois

We worked on a Phase I Study, Phase II Design, and Phase III Construction Engineering services for the federally (STU) and local funded extension of Summit Drive to Centennial Drive, and the reconstruction of the intersection of Summit Drive and Illinois Route 8 in East Peoria.  This project consisted of 0.6 miles of new roadway and reconstruction of 2,000 feet of a five lane section of Illinois Route 8.  Three major ravines were crossed with large culvert designs and 25’ tall embankments.

New signals were designed and constructed at the Illinois Route 8 intersection, along with retaining walls and a 17’ deep, 72” diameter storm sewer trunk line.  Project also included extensive coordination with utilities, Tazewell County, City of Washington and IDOT. 

We also provided all Phase III Resident Engineering services, and due to the federal funding, construction engineering included full IDOT contract and quantity documentation utilizing ICORS and all of the associated material field testing and material certifications.