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Recreational Trails

Knoxville Crossing / Peoria, Illinois

The Peoria Park District teamed with us, to provide Planning, Design and Construction Administration services for the Knoxville Crossing portion of the Rock Island Greenway Recreational trail in Peoria.

The planning phase included a SUE investigation due to the presence of numerous underground utilities, and the study of crossing alternates including a tunnel and a bridge.

Design and construction included a two-span overhead structure with aesthetic treatments including formliners, stained concrete and ornamental lighting on both the bridge structure and on the MSE retaining walls at the approaches.

Phase III work included IDOT ICORS Documentation with Material Certifications.

Pekin Park Bike Trail / Pekin, Illinois

We were retained by the City of Pekin to oversee Phase III Construction Services on a new bike trail connecting Miller Park on the Illinois Riverfront to Allentown Road, passing through much of the City of Pekin.  The trail followed former railroad right-of-way through the City.  Construction was federally funded using Rails-to-Trails money from the ISTEA legislation.

The 4.3-mile trail consisted of a bituminous surface over an aggregate base, aggregate shoulders, crossing striping and signing, storm sewers and pipe culverts. There were also handicap ramps and curb cuts at the numerous roadway crossings.  

Our services included right of way determinations, construction observation and administration. Services also included managing coordination between the contractor, the City of Pekin, the Pekin Park District, the media and the general public.

Rock Island Greenway / Peoria, Illinois

Our team was selected by the Peoria Park District , to undertake Phase II Design and Phase III Construction Administration services for the conversion of the former Rock Island Railroad to a multi-use recreational path through Peoria.

We also performed the Phase II Design of the overhead crossing for the trail as it meets the 5-lane IL Rte 40 (Knoxville Ave) in Peoria.

The total project consists of 5.8 miles of multi-use trail along the former Rock Island Railroad Line from Candletree Drive to US-150 (War Memorial Drive).  Design includes an overhead structure with aesthetic considerations, retaining walls, intersection improvements, traffic signal improvements. Also included is a pedestrian hybrid beacon system, earthwork, drainage, hot-mix asphalt pavement, concrete sidewalk, trail signing, culvert extensions, stilling basin.  Phase III work included full IDOT ICORS Documentation with Material Certification.