Innovative Construction with Summit Livestock for Rose Acre Farms

Maurer-Stutz enjoys the opportunity to work with Summit Livestock on these projects for Rose Acre Farms and look forward to continuing on additional farms.  Projects on several of the farms involved foundation design, including structural slab systems to both meet regulatory requirements and provide structural support for the innovative layer barn and litter storage systems designs.  Working together as part of the team with Summit Livestock, geotechnical engineering firms, and regulatory reviewers, is also a key part of these projects.  

We looked at several design concepts to help Summit do a Cost/Benefit analysis for Rose Acre Farms.  We also provided a stormwater and erosion control plan which included modeling and design of stormwater detention systems and related permitting on some farms.  On these farms, we also developed grading plans, quantities, along with sections, profiles, and details needed to fit the new barns into the existing farm sites, which included razing of older barns being replaced by the new ones.