Where there is clean water, there is life.  Plentiful, clean and safe drinking water is one of life's basic necessities.  We know our Clients take it seriously, and so do we.  We strive to balance respect for the environment with society’s need for this most basic building block that makes life possible.  For these reasons, our professionals believe that water distribution, storage, and treatment infrastructure services are among the most important services that we provide to our Clients.

It is always our goal to provide our Clients with water distribution, storage and treatment facilities that are efficient, cost-effective, and operator-friendly.  We accomplish this by carefully listening to our Clients and including them as an integral part of the design staff.

Our company has extensive experience designing water distribution, storage and treatment facilities for municipalities, water districts and industries.  With experience ranging from wells, pumping stations and elevated water storage facilities to complex rehabilitations of existing water treatment facilities, our staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals are ready to assist you as you seek to address your water infrastructure needs.

When it comes to water distribution and treatment, we have the expertise, the experience, and the integrity, to provide clean and safe drinking water that your community or industry can depend on now and in the future.

services offered

  • Facilities Planning Studies
  • Rate Studies
  • Raw Water Supply Studies
  • Analysis & Design of Raw Water Transmission Lines
  • Analysis & Design of Potable Water Transmission Lines
  • Elevated Water Storage Tank Design
  • Distribution System Network Modeling and Analysis
  • Water Hammer Studies
  • Booster Station Design
  • Fire Flow Analysis
  • Potable Water Distribution System Expansion Studies
  • Treatment Process Evaluation & Design
  • Operational Studies & Troubleshooting
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Project Funding Assistance