Peoria Push Derby Dames

Outside of work, Maurer-Stutz’s Josie Esker, PE, has been a part of the local roller derby league, the Peoria Push Derby Dames, for over three years.  While the sport of roller derby is hard-hitting action packed sport, the Peoria Push is also a not-for-profit organization, focusing on the empowerment of women, raising money for local charities, and volunteering within the Peoria community.  Known as “Little Miss Sunshiner” on the track, Josie plays as both a jammer and a blocker on the Push’s travel team, the Demolition Dames.  While Josie does not plan on leaving the Push organization anytime soon, “Shiner” has recently announced her retirement from playing roller derby.  Her last bout will be in late June at the Civic Center in Peoria. To get tickets to see Josie’s farewell roller derby bout (tickets to be released shortly) or for more info about roller derby and the Peoria Push, visit