Transportation services are an integral part of Maurer-Stutz, Inc. Our clients depend on us to provide efficient, cost-effective and practical solutions for their transportation needs. We combine highly skilled transportation engineers with advanced computer software technology to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

Our clients choose from a full spectrum of transportation services that range from preliminary studies, to final design, to construction observation. In addition, we offer a full range of traffic engineering services including impact studies and intersection design. Whether an interstate highway, a local road, or a recreational trail, we listen to our clients to determine the optimal design for their transportation project.

We have on staff engineers, technicians and construction-oriented professionals to provide clients a wide variety of transportation services. Many of these professionals have over 30 years experience in transportation engineering. This combination of skill and experience, coupled with the flexibility of a smaller, locally owned company and locally managed staff, translates into cost-effective and practical solutions to the challenges faced in today's world.

services offered

  • Highway/Road/Street Planning & Design
  • Bridge Planning & Design
  • Construction Observation/Inspection
  • Hydrology & Drainage Design
  • Local Roads (MFT) Program Management
  • Bridge Scour & Erosion Remediation
  • Location Studies
  • Intersection & Interchange Design
  • Traffic Planning & Management
  • Traffic Impact Studies


  • Special Services - Surveying
  • Special Studies - Safety
  • Geotechnical Services - Structure Geotechnical Reports (SGR)
  • Special Studies - Feasibility
  • Special Studies - Traffic Studies
  • Special Studies - Location Drainage
  • Structures - Highway: Typical
  • Location Design Studies - Reconstruction/Major Rehabilitation
  • Highways - Roads and Streets
  • Special Studies - Pump Stations
  • Special Services - Construction Inspection
  • Hydraulic Reports - Waterways: Typical
  • Hydraulic Reports - Pump Stations
  • Highways - Freeways
  • Location Design Studies - Rehabilitation
  • Structures - Highway: Simple
  • Hydraulic Reports - Waterways: Complex
  • Special Services - Sanitary


  • Non-Complex Roadway Design
  • Level 1 Bridge Design
  • Construction Inspection