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WASTE Treatment System DESIGN


Maurer-Stutz, Inc. has planned and designed waste treatment systems to treat manure and wastewater physically and chemically. The examples below may add benefits to your livestock production and reduce the man pour need for land application. If you are considering a waste treatment system, please contact us for further planning ideas.


Sand Separation

If your dairy facility uses sand as bedding, you may be interested in installing a sand separation system to reduce the solids that you need to land apply and reduce bedding costs. There are a variety of sand separation systems and they can be retrofitted to your existing facility. 

Biogas Collection & Utilization Systems

Biogas Collection and Utilization may be an opportunity for your facility to provide your local area with renewable energy, reduce odors from your facility, and utilize by-products from local processing operations.


Solid Separation

Separating solids from manure can enable a facility to go from hauling a semi solid or slurry to being able to drag hose applied liquid manure and spread separated solids. Separated solids are also a great byproduct to be used as bedding or be sold to local gardeners. 

Treatment Lagoons

Lagoons are often used for dairy and swine facilities that reduces odor, and the biologically treated manure and wastewater can be reused for flush water in your flush system. Implementing a lagoon would also provide the opportunity to use land application irrigation for applying manure and wastewater to crop production field.